The Pic'd Up Orchestra Rides Again April 25

The Pic'd Up Orchestra 12/20/18

The Pic'd Up Orchestra 12/20/18


The last open band night on December 20, 2018 was so awesome that we wanted to schedule the next one soon. The open band is everyone’s opportunity to play music for live contra dancers on stage. It’s the warmest, fuzziest thing we’ve ever done.


Next open band night: Thursday, April 25, 2019

Piano - Neil Pearlman

Fiddle - Clara Stickney

Fearless Leader - Emily Troll

Other Instruments - YOU!


In an open band, everyone is welcome!


The goal is simply to have fun together playing music for dancers. There is room for new, intermediate, and experienced musicians alike. Fearless Leader, Emily Troll, makes the group work for everybody.

Invite folks who play instruments that you don’t normally see at contra dances. Invite folks who haven’t been to a contra dance before.

Fearless Leader, Emily Troll, along with the lead rhythm player, Neil Pearlman, and lead melody player, Clara Stickney, will host a practice party about a week or so ahead of the dance. Attending this party is not required for participating in the open band on April 25, but it is recommended. 

To find out about the date and location of the practice party, email Emily at


PICD Winter Ball 12/20/18. Music by the Pic'd Up Orchestra (Emily Troll conducting, Clara Stickney lead fiddle, Neil Pearlman lead piano, and 28 volunteer musicians). Calling by Dugan Murphy.