Happy Anniversary!

PICD is officially a 1-year old!

On June 9, 2017, we got together (many of us in fancy dress!) to celebrate this holy-mackerel of a community that has formed in the last year. So, what were we celebrating? The loving, generous people who make up this community. And, some of our major accomplishments from our first year as a series:


And who do we have to thank for so much of this goodness that's been growing?


Soooo many people contributed to creating PICD in the last year that we almost ran out of space to write names! If you've given your time, talent, energy, space, resources, joy, verve, or your everything to PICD, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We have great memories from the evening of revelry. Here are a few highlights:


As for *next* year, PICD is looking forward to bringing to life some community desires, including beginning to plan a dance weekend (yes! you heard that right!), as well as offering more monthly opportunities to dance creatively by learning style tips, flourishes, and advanced choreography. We'll keep cultivating new and emerging callers, and we might even kick off opportunities to host open band nights.

If you have ideas about what would make our second year great, or if you want to volunteer, get in touch with Dela at dela@portlandintowncontradance.com.