Who is PICD?

Portland Intown Contra Dance is a dynamic, growing community of people from Portland, ME and elsewhere who really love to dance and really like spending time with each other. We're creative, zesty, welcoming, loving, respectful, and delightful. We're tons of volunteers, a handful of core organizers, and a whole network of people we impact by spreading our joy.

We take our values seriously and have fun with just about everything else.  Here's what we're up to:


Our contra dance is welcoming to all people.  

We create a safe and respectful space together, encouraging healthy self-expression and high quality communication.  

We cherish our local dance community and act in ways that nourish it.  

As members of the broader Maine and national contra dance communities, we honor our roles in preserving and evolving contra traditions.

And we have fun.  Lots and lots of fun.


Troy Bennett of the Bangor Daily News dropped in on us in January 2017 and made a pretty video and article about the dance. Read it here.


OH, AND We're organized.

Portland Intown Contra Dance is a nonprofit whose mission is to enrich lives and cultivate a vibrant community through dance.

We are a group affiliate of the Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS).  CDSS is a national organization that promotes participatory music, song, and dance from England and North America by educating, marketing, and creating connections between participants who bring these traditions to life. Our dance is supported in part by the Outreach Fund of CDSS.

We've received support from the DownEast Friends of the Folk Arts (DEFFA) and the Maine Arts Commission.


We have a board who helps the trains run on time. Call us Triple D. And, hey!, connect with us if you want to know more about what our community is up to. 

Dela Murphy, President:  dela@portlandintowncontradance.com
Dugan Murphy, Secretary:  dugan@portlandintowncontradance.com
David Chase, Treasurer:  david@portlandintowncontradance.com


Our Dance Managers are the people who help produce each evening of dance, making sure everything goes smoothly. They're Alyssa Adkins, Lilly Allen, Callie Chase, David Chase, Christy LoCicero, Dela Murphy, Dugan Murphy, Josh Saklad, Shari Shakti, and Danielle Walczak.


join our bevy.

A whole bevy of really wonderful folks work together to make PICD happen.  From booking talent to plugging in the fans, every role is important and appreciated.  We have plenty of opportunities for volunteering if you want to be a part of the team.  Oh, and did we mention you get to dance for free the night you volunteer? 


If you're interested in volunteering with Portland Intown Contra Dance, send Courtney Ross an email at volunteer@portlandintowncontradance.com.


Come perform.

We'd probably really like each other.  Why not come call or play music at one of our dances?  We welcome performers from inside and outside Maine.  

What can you expect?  We cherish you and want you to feel like you're a part of our local community.  You'll have a really wonderful night having dinner with local dancers, have an easy time setting up, have a rad evening performing for people who really appreciate you, and then end your evening with some snacks and drinks at our after-party, or simply settle into a cozy bed at a local host's place. 

Our performer guarantee for callers is $80 and for musicians is $80 per performer, up to three people.  Then, depending on how many people show up, we split door proceeds.  ...And we always strive to split proceeds.  :)

Make it a Maine Tour.

In Maine, contra dances are hosted every weekend in all parts of the state.  You may be interested in performing at PICD on a Thursday, then traveling to another part of Maine for Friday night or Saturday night dances.  Possible tours could look like:

Portland Thursday, Belfast Friday

Portland Thursday, Lewiston Friday, Topsham Saturday

Portland Thursday, Bangor Friday, Trenton or Bowdoinham Saturday

Portland Thursday, North Whitefield Friday, Augusta Saturday

There are an abundance of weekday and weekend dances in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, as well.  Email us and we can provide guidance on how to help your tour happen.


If you're interested in booking with Portland Intown Contra Dance or planning a Maine tour, send Dugan Murphy an email at dugan@portlandintowncontradance.com.

get in touch.

Didn't cover your question here?  Interested in performing?  Volunteering?  Do you want to give us feedback or praise?  Fill 'er up.

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